Ethel Beatty - I Know You Care
New turntables from turntable lab
Comb honey
Fixed up the S2800 with parts from a second unit today. Maxed out the ram and put a new display in. Found out it was the ribbon cable, not the display that was faulty. :/
Been having fun learning nodejs. I'm working on a simple chat app:
Ordered a new backlight for my S2800, but after installing it the screen has died. Double checked all the connections and I can't figure out how I could have possibly fried it. What a pain. Going to look for another 2800 or 3000 for parts.
Its time for some funky beats. Electrix Filter Factory and the Crusaders.
Messing around with a recently acquired akai #s2800.
Adjusted mix and added piano.
Slow jam with the roland u110.
New beats with my fb01 bass patch.
After much struggle, managed to save a custom patch on the yamaha #fb01.
Pitch bend is cruise control for chords.

MPC2000XL MIDI crash - FIXED

Background: I have an MPC2000XL with defective MIDI OUT ports that cause the OS to crash. I tried all the standard troubleshooting, but was faced with the prospect of replacing the motherboard.

Instead, I was able to fix it by replacing a 50 cent chip that turned out to be the culprit. If your MPC has the same problem and you're comfortable soldering surface mount components, this could save you the expense of a new motherboard.

The crash only happens when sending MIDI data while the port is under load, so I figured the gates on IC78 are faulty and can no longer sink enough current to drive the MIDI current loop. The other gates on this chip control an interrupt line from the UART to the microcontroller, so its plausible MIDI OUT load is pulling these gates high and strobing the OS's interrupt handler.

The original chip is a Hitachi 74HC32 which is no longer available, but any 74HC32 in 14-SO "wide" format should work. The one I used was a Texas Instruments SN74HC32NSR.

Going to try replacing a chip in the MIDI circuit before replacing the whole MPC motherboard. Replacement parts on the way from Digikey.