beat018 MPC2kxl, Roland U110, Electrix Filter Factory, Donald Byrd, Karen Young I've been practicing beat matching and put together a set list for my first mix. I hope to record that soon. I made this little MPC groove from two of the tracks.
Some tools I learned about today: nodemon for restarting apps, postman for testing queries
At an express middleware workshop at @nodepdx @codefellowspdx.
Tried #protools first-- terrible experience. 5 mins to load, then freezes. Won't let me uninstall the app.
getEntry() strategies are a new feature. You can use this to create RSVPs, reply contexts and reposts of non #indieweb content that publishes oembed and opengraph data such as tweets and wordpress blog entries. A few examples where I've used this: (RSVP) (reply context to tweet) (repost of tweet) Documentation here:
Released v2.0.0 of mf-obj. Changes: * removed methods taking html: getEntry(), getEvent(), getFeed() * removed getThreadFromUrl() * renamed methods taking URLs to getEntry(), getCard(), getEvent(), getFeed() * getEntry() configurable strategies to marshall to h-entry * Entry.replyTo, likeOf, repostOf are now arrays
Subtle #microformats use case: bridgy backfeeds include multiple reply-to/like-of/repost-of. One for original plus POSSEd copy.
I released v1.6.0 of mf-obj. Adds support for u-photo, u-audio, u-video, and h-feed.

Building a DSL for the indieweb

mf-obj is a library I created while writing skein. I'm also using it in thready. It's an object oriented abstraction on top of the MF2 parser that understands things like posts and authors. Some of the functions it provides are: parsing comments and reply contexts, implementing the authorship algorithm, and determining post types.
Thready now has rudimentary support for displaying tweets.
My demo from #indieweb summit 2016 is now online:
Typings syntax seems to have changed. I'm now installing node typings with: typings install dt~packagename --save --global
Fix node port 80 access: sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' `which node`
Fast way to install Node 6 on Amazon Linux: curl -sL | sudo bash - sudo yum install -y nodejs
Setting up a demo ec2 server for thready. Trying out Amazon Linux instead of Ubuntu.
To avoid confusion with Persistent Uniform Resource Locators, I'm renaming PURL to PURR: parse-update-render-repeat. 🐱 #indieweb
I added a quick start to the skein README, in case you want to try it out.
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Wow! Super cool - static site that ingests #indieweb and Twitter comments and republishes via git @notenoughneon— Jim Pick (@jimpick) June 4, 2016