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Wow! Super cool - static site that ingests #indieweb and Twitter comments and republishes via git @notenoughneon pic.twitter.com/gpPQfqcGUJ— Jim Pick (@jimpick) June 4, 2016
getEntry() strategies are a new feature. You can use this to create RSVPs, reply contexts and reposts of non #indieweb content that publishes oembed and opengraph data such as tweets and wordpress blog entries. A few examples where I've used this: http://notenoughneon.com/2016/5/6/3 (RSVP) http://notenoughneon.com/2016/6/6/2 (reply context to tweet) http://notenoughneon.com/2016/6/4/3 (repost of tweet) Documentation here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/mf-obj#getentry