Byron Stingily - Get Up Everybody

George Benson - Love X Love
Flyers - Mainline is Sunshine
I Love Your Love - Donald Byrd
Ethel Beatty - I Know You Care
New turntables from turntable lab
Comb honey
In reply to Not looking for ideal, I just want the experience of AIM circa 2001 ba...
I've been primarily using steam chat. And previously, pidgin with gchat/jabber. But yeah, I do miss AIM.
In reply to my generation deserves better chat clients than Hangouts and iMessage
What would make the ideal chat client?
Fixed up the S2800 with parts from a second unit today. Maxed out the ram and put a new display in. Found out it was the ribbon cable, not the display that was faulty. :/
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I was thinking of adding PuSH support, is there a reason more people don't use it?
In reply to darn, thank you for trying. it didn’t pick up a micropub endpoint or t...
When I try your reader now, the like/reply buttons are no longer visible...
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I tried it out, but couldn't get it to publish likes/replies. Might be something broken on my end. My reader is manual polling for now, no cron jobs.
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Nice! Does it work with any micropub endpoint?
Been having fun learning nodejs. I'm working on a simple chat app:
Ordered a new backlight for my S2800, but after installing it the screen has died. Double checked all the connections and I can't figure out how I could have possibly fried it. What a pain. Going to look for another 2800 or 3000 for parts.