Testing quill.p3k.io
Ordered a new backlight for my S2800, but after installing it the screen has died. Double checked all the connections and I can't figure out how I could have possibly fried it. What a pain. Going to look for another 2800 or 3000 for parts.
Its time for some funky beats. Electrix Filter Factory and the Crusaders. https://soundcloud.com/notenoughneon/beat011
Messing around with a recently acquired akai #s2800. https://soundcloud.com/notenoughneon/beat007
Adjusted mix and added piano. https://soundcloud.com/notenoughneon/beat006b
Slow jam with the roland u110. https://soundcloud.com/notenoughneon/beat006
New beats with my fb01 bass patch. https://soundcloud.com/notenoughneon/beat005
After much struggle, managed to save a custom patch on the yamaha #fb01.