Oneness of Juju - Poo Too

The Wiz - Emerald City


beat017 chop n screw practice (Crusaders - I Felt the Love)
Loop 7 - The Theme (ST Original Groove)

Judy Cheeks - So In Love

Extortion Featuring Dihan Brooks - How Do You See Me Now? (Joey's Young Soul Rebel Mix)


beat016 HIGHHAT/CLOSED/CLOSE001/HHCL010 HIGHHAT/OPEN/OPEN001/HHOP006 BDRUM/STANDARD/STD01/BDRUM021 SDRUM/STANDARD/STD01/SDRUM004 ch#1 U110 P-03 ff Piano -> FX8 echo + plate ch#8 FB01 RainBass 120bpm 54% swing
Ten City - Whatever Makes You Happy


beat015 BDRUM/STANDARD/STD01/BDRUM016 SDRUM/STANDARD/STD01/SDRUM004 P-03: ff Piano 120bpm 54% swing

Byron Stingily - Get Up Everybody

George Benson - Love X Love
Flyers - Mainline is Sunshine
I Love Your Love - Donald Byrd
Ethel Beatty - I Know You Care
New turntables from turntable lab
Comb honey